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Family-owned-and-operated for over a century, Stephen Leigh Jewelers offers a level of personalized service you simply won't find anywhere else. We strive to keep our prices and practices fair - customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.


Stephen Leigh Jewelers has the distinction of holding the Guinness Book of World Records certificate for the sale of the largest cut trillion shaped, gem-quality tanzanite at 252.2 cts.


Stephen Leigh Jewelers donates to many local and national charities, service organizations, as well as the police and fire departments in our local area. Stephen Leigh is also a patron of the arts and fully supports the local and national music organizations, including:
  • Boston Symphony Orchestra
  • Chicago Symphony Orchestra
  • Phoenix Symphony Orchestra
  • Sharon Bands
  • Satuit Band
  • South Shore Bay Band
  • Eastern Nazarene Wind Ensemble
  • Sharon Chamber Orchestra
  • Metrowest Symphony Orchestra